Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Days 9, 10 and 11

Road trip!  I was out of town for a couple of days and didn't post.  Ofelia and I drove up to Solvang and had a great weekend.  We walked and we ate and we drank wine and the weather was perfect and it was all very relaxing and beautiful.  I don't remember what I ate on Saturday but on Sunday, I had some cottage cheese and mixed nuts for breakfast, a cup of vegetable soup; a half of a chicken salad sandwich, a few onion rings and a club soda for lunch.  We walked a bunch and then went wine-tasting.  The wine was fantastic and we enjoyed that too!  At dinner, we went to Root 246 and everything was SO good.  We shared the cheese plate and the potato puffs.  Ofelia had toast with olive tapenade and I had gnocchi carbonara.  She had a glass of reisling and I had a glass of grenache and we shared the dark chocolate cake.  We were stuffed.  We then walked back to the hotel and proceeded to relax for the rest of the weekend.  Sunday, we had sweet rolls and coffee and we had sandwiches with potato salad for lunch.  We bought some wine and I bought two different kinds of the most decadent dark chocolate ganache filled cookies (one of each kind) to bring home.  I ate one when I got home with a cup of coffee and it's a good thing I didn't eat one before I left Solvang, I would have bought all they had.

So I was pretty tired when I got home.  For dinner, I made lemon garlic chicken breasts and green beans for dinner.  This morning, I weighed 292 lbs.  So even though I ate a lot, all the walking had a beneficial effect.  I had plain greek yogurt with almonds and berries for breakfast.  I had two cups of coffee as well.  Lunch was leftover chicken and green beans with water to drink.  I ate the other cookie for dessert,  I had some lite popcorn for an afternoon snack plus two Lindt dark chocolate truffles with a glass of non-fat milk.  I'm making chicken and green beans again tonight with a glass of white wine.  I'm still eating too much sugar but I feel pretty good about my overall food choices.  Now that my meal plan is in place, I need to make an exercise plan that I can do and stick with.  I'd rather be sore from working out than in pain from obesity and a sedentary life.

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