Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day 8

Got this morning and I had gone back up to 294.4.  Annoying but just more impetus to eat properly which I then proceeded not to do.  I kinda feel like I got nothing done but actually I accomplished quite a bit, the most important to me being the food plan. I now have a solid plan to eat this week and just need to get a couple of things from the store to make it work.  In other news, Bob and I went to Gallerie Michael in Beverly Hills for an exhibition of Davyd Whaley's work. Davyd is a tremendously talented artist and it was great to see him have his own show. He sold several pieces. So great! After the show, we went to The Grove and dinner at Ulysses Voyage. I had chicken souvlaki, grilled artichoke and pita with hummus, sweet pepper and kalamata olive & sweet fig dips. We both drank club soda at the restaurant after drinking champagne at the Gallerie. Now I have to get ready to go out of town tomorrow. Ofelia and I are going to the Wine Valley Inn in Solvang go a night away from the big city.

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