Saturday, September 15, 2007

Back again

I keep thinking of things I'd like to post about, usually when I'm driving. By the time I get home, whatever it was has been replaced by all the things I have to do. Life keeps getting in the way while I'm trying to have a life. Like now. I can't really focus on some subjects that I want to talk about because I have to go bleach my entire house. Kidding, but it really is due for a major cleaning and I'm really in the mood to do it. I always resist housecleaning so much (really, wouldn't you rather lay on a chaise and read a book? Or go to the beach? It's a beautiful day) that it starts to be this overwhelming task, like Hercules and the stables. My house isn't anywhere near as bad as those stables, but it certainly feels like it the more I think about cleaning, the less cleaning I actually get done. So while I'm in the mood, I should get moving, don't you think?