Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I have a faceful of novacaine and talking is a treat. Right now, I'm sipping hot cocoa through one of those hollow coffee stir sticks because it's the only way I can drink and not dribble it down the front of me and because it's freakin' cold outside! This is LA, baby, it ain't supposed to be cold like this.

In other news, I walked to the dentist and went for a stroll on the way back. Ben did not join me, he's been fighting a cold for a few days and with the rain and cold today, he's not feeling very good. Hopefully, he'll be back tomorrow, feeling better. But I did get a walk. Since I won't be able to eat for awhile, I think I'll break out one of my exercise dvds and bust a move. Or bust something. Gonna read a little tonight and as the spirit moves me, maybe do some shit around the house. I want things to be nice and the only way I can do that is to make it nice myself. The only thing numb around here is my face, so I can certainly get a wiggle on 'cause the last time I looked, my ass wasn't immobile.

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