Monday, February 20, 2012

Owned up.

So I saw my lovely doctor on Friday, told her everything.  We talked a bit and she said that she was there to help me get healthy, that I was basically okay with some elevated levels but with a few tweaks to my food and exercise, it was all manageable.  Then my lovely phlebotomist came in and drained me of blood.  Not really, but I have incredible disappearing veins, so even though she is used to me it always takes at least two tries and we don't even bother with my arms, she goes directly for the back of my left hand.

My lovely doctor called me this morning and told me that my blood sugar was back to normal, so the really minor tweaks to my diet and the 30 - 60 minute walks every day have made a difference.  Now to tackle the cholesterol, which is also higher than it should be but not sky-high.  A few more tweaks, a little more exercise and that should come down as well.  All of this has happened in a very short period of time, 6 - 8 weeks.  It's made me realize that while it is a lifestyle change, the changes do happen rapidly once I got on the bandwagon. And it isn't an all or nothing thing.  I don't have to cut out chocolate, I can just eat a square or two instead of the whole bar.  I can still have wine, but a half a glass, not a glass and a half.  And although I just said it's not an all or nothing thing, I do know that there are foods that I need to keep out of the house for right now (microwave popcorn, I'm lookin' at you) because I have not an ounce of control over myself when it's around.  It's my version of crack and I make complete fool of myself, then feel like crap.

I am currently on day 10 of my '21 day to create a new habit' walkathon with Ben.  I go out everyday, even if I have to drag my ass, pissing and moaning the whole way.  Once I'm out, it's good.  And I didn't watch TV last week, so last night I watched several shows on On Demand and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It's basically commercial free and I only watched what I wanted to see, I didn't spend the hours and hours on my ass mindlessly watching whatever I could find.  I'm going to continue this little experiment this week as well, it's made a huge difference.

I also did Rodney Yee’s A. M. yoga for beginners for the 1st time this morning. Yowza! What’s not to like? Can we talk about Mr. Yee here for a second? Woo-hoo, eye candy! The whole routine, 20 minutes, is on a beach in Hawaii , more eye candy. And it’s not a work-out but a gentle stretching to start my day.

Like James Brown once said "I feel good!"

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