Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 13

Today is day 13 of the '21 day walkathon to create a new habit'.  I have walked every day, most of the time with Ben, but he and I have had a couple of days where we did our walks separately, for various and sundry reasons.  We tend to run little errands around the neighborhood, library, groceries, etc., on our walks but we are moving towards walking for walking's sake.  Not to say we can't run errands while walking but I think we would both like to balance it out that we are just walking at least a few times per week and walking with errands the other days.

We are more than half-way through this little experiment so I guess I could say that the habit is still being created but to be honest, it doesn't feel like it's an established routine yet.  It still feels like something I'm doing for 21 days to see what happens.  Either way, whether I am walking or not, 21 days will have passed.  May as well do something with those days.  I was reading a post on this site about breaking the chain, referring to this:  I started doing this in my little pocket calendar for walking and I have 12 X's.  Today, in addition to walking, I added a short exercise routine to my calendar and the only way I get to 'X' today's date is if I do both.  I'd hate to have a blank unX'ed spot on my calendar.  It's quite the little visual when you see all those Xs in a row.

What else?  I finally got my new media credenza, moved the TV on to the top of it, hooked up all the components and made sure everything was working properly.  I was so jazzed that I have things in a proper place now, that I tackled a few other things in my house.  I had a stunning amount of shredding to do, I knew there was a bit, but I didn't expect that it would take me more than an hour to do it all.  Going forward, random crap gets shredded immediately, receipts need to be done as soon as I don't need them anymore.  I know as I go through my files, there will be a bunch of stuff to recycle and a bunch to shred.  I'm glad I got all this miscellaneous paperwork that I had just stuffed in a bag done before I tackle the files.

Still not watching much TV, although I did turn it on for a while yesterday @ work.  I geeked out and watched a program about the Mars rovers and was entertained by that, but then I found myself trolling through channels trying to find something.  I should have turned the damn thing off but I didn't.  I did notice that I was more agitated on the drive home than I've been for the last week, don't know if that was just coincidence.  Last night, I went to dinner with Chuck and Bob at Ulysses Voyage at The Grove.  We shared an appetizer, a 3 dip combo, hummus, kalamata olive & sweet fig and sweet red pepper dips with warm pita bread.  Bob had lemon chicken soup, I had chicken souvlaki and Chuck had lamb souvlaki.  Tasty delicious, all of it!  We then strolled around The Grove and went into Crate and Barrel so I could visit my furniture that I'm going to buy.  From there, we went home.  I sorta semi-watched TV from 9 - 10, then Face Off came on and I watched that.  I'm not big on competition shows but I like this one.  I'm also enjoying the 2nd season more than the 1st, not so much interpersonal drama, it's more about the work.

I'm off to take bottles to the recycling center, then have lunch.  Just another day of thrills and chills.

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