Friday, February 24, 2012

Places I like to go and eat

There are many places that I like to go to and eat their food.  Here are some of them:

Kitchen 24
This is a new restaurant in West Hollywood.  They just opened and they are still working out some kinks.  The service was a little slow, but the waiter was nice and we weren't in a hurry.  I had spicy tomato soup and a grilled Gruyere sandwich, called the After School Special.  It was very tasty.  Bob had the same soup and a small salad.  We both liked it and would definitely go back to try other things on the menu.  That being said, I don't think I would go here if I was in a hurry.  Soon to be open 24 hours.

Nickel Diner
OMG, this place!  I love this place.  Yes, it's in a sketchy part of town (Skid Row-ish) and you do have to wait for a table, but you can walk around a bit and look at some of the amazing architecture of downtown Los Angeles while you're waiting.  I love their Big Time Cheddar sandwich, so delicious.  They make their own donuts, pop-tarts and ding-dongs. Don't even think about sticking to your diet at this place.

Sushi Gen
One of the best sushi places I've been to.  They have an awesome lunch special. Chance and I have been here a couple of times.  They open @ 11:15 and we usually get there about 10:55 and there's usually about 20 people ahead of us.  The very first time we went there was on my birthday and instead of the lunch special we sat at the sushi bar and ordered a la carte!  The place smells like the ocean in the middle of downtown. Definitely a favorite.

El Compadre
I've been coming to El Compadre since I moved to LA.  The food is good, the margaritas are really good and the atmosphere just makes it.  Truly a family restaurant, dark and cozy with upholstered tuck and roll booths and mariachi music.  I love the chile relleno combination special.

Umami Burger
I love Umami Burger.  Chance introduced me to this place and the first two times I went there, I had the original Umami Burger.  Then I tried the Truffle Burger, I practically passed out it was so good.  Always, always thin fries and Mexican Coke to go with.

Ulysses Voyage
Our go-to Greek place.  Peter, the owner, is a lovely man and the menu is based on his family's recipes.  I've never had a bad meal here.  Hummus; sweet red pepper; kalamata olive & fig are my 3 favorite dips served with warm pita bread.  Love the chicken skewer; also the dolmades and the baked artichokes.  The lemon chicken soup is great as is the greek pasta and the calamari.  For dessert, there's a variety of things but I like the chocolate walnut cake.  Yum!



Chuck Lioi said...

Food glorious food! I've only been to a couple of these places and look forward to trying them all. Thanks for posting!!!!

I, Goddess said...

Thanks, Chuck. I will continue to post updates to this subject as I eat at different places.