Friday, August 08, 2014

August 8, 2014

I went to Italy on my vacation in May and when I came back, I was having trouble fitting back into life as usual around here.  I still am although I slid back into a lot of my old habits.  The thing is, those old habits aren't working.  I find myself sitting on the couch watching TV, nothing wrong with watching TV if I'm interested in what I'm watching, but a lot of what I'm watching is time-filler. Just watching it to pass enough time to go to bed.  Not good.  The distraction from my life as is isn't working anymore and no matter how long I sit on my ass. passively watching time go by, that fact isn't going to change.  What I have found works for me is picking something to do, whether it's something fun or necessary, setting my intention to be in present time, or 'in the moment' as the saying goes, and maintaining my mental focus on the action at hand.  I have done this many times since I returned from Italy and it works for me, but still I returned to old habits. Creating new habits takes time and attention, something I need to keep in mind. I think my word for the rest of this year is Focus.

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