Friday, August 08, 2014

August 7, 2014

I booked a first class flight to Portland Oregon this morning to visit a long-time friend that I haven't seen in a long, long time.  I am really looking forward to seeing Judy. I met Judy on the guestbook/forum of our favorite singer, Bruno Pelletier, back in 2001. She was going to be attending one of his concerts in Montreal and had posed a question on the forum about hotels near the theater in Montreal.  I was also attending this concert and posted the name and location of the hotel I was staying at while there.  We met up at the hotel and proceeded to have a fine time together.  We've been friends ever since but I've only seen Judy three times in person in thirteen years.  I think we're gonna have a grand time together, we always have.

Something that came up today while I was booking my flight.  One of the seats I chose was on the emergency exit. On Alaska Air site, a box pops up to ask if you're willing to do it and if you're capable.  I'm both willing and capable but one of the requirements is that you do not have to have a seat-belt extension.  In the past, I have needed a seat-belt extension, but I have dropped 20-30 lbs since my highest weight. Sometimes, depending on the plane, I still have to request one.  Now I have approximately 60 days to get in the kind of shape that I do not ever have to request one again on any plane. I can do that easily.

In other news, the issue I was having with my co-worker has been resolved.  Their panties were finally un-knotted, the snit gotten over and we are working well together again.  Having been promoted, I can now make strides to getting things organized around as my new boss is open to suggestions and we are finally starting to use some of the databases around as they were meant to be used.  Currently, the only thing digital around here is the file we're moving; everything, EVERYTHING, else is manual.  Find the file, move the file, track the file.  All manual because nobody wanted to pull the trigger on actually using the database we have. TPTB are always getting feedback about what we need to do our jobs from people who don't actually do our jobs, and then go spend money on stuff we don't need.  Dudes! Just update the database we have and let us use it the way it's supposed to be used. It will solve the majority of the issues around here.  Finally, somebody listened. Hallelujah!

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