Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 9, 2014

Okay, well, I guess I decided to take a few days off from here.  I didn't even think about writing. Here are some of the things I did while away:

Laundry (a never-ending chore).
Dishes (another never-ending chore).
I read a lot.
I played video games.
I re-potted my 20+ year old philodendron. Seriously, I bought that sucker when I lived in my first apartment after I moved here and I had it for a few years before I moved to where I'm currently living. I lived in the first place from November 1989 to November 1995. I cannot believe that plant is still alive, although I think it may be on it's last leaves.
I put all those re-organized cameras and cords away (finally).
I had a bunch of fruit I'd bought days earlier at the farmer's market, too much for me to able to eat before it went bad, so I juiced it all.  It was interesting that after two days of adding a couple of glasses of fresh made juice to my daily food how much more energy I had and how good I felt. Even having a glass of juice before leaving for work has altered my coffee habit.  Granted, I usually only drink two cups of coffee per day but in the last couple of days, I now just have one cup.  It wasn't deliberate on my part because I love coffee, I just never went for the second cup. Now I have a bunch more fruits and veggies to juice in the frig when I get home tonight.
I went to see Ghost the musical. It's based on the movie starring Patrick Swayze, Whoopi Goldberg and Demi Moore. It was an interesting experience because this musical is a West End production and the lyrics and music were written by Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame. That means it doesn't have that 'Broadway' musical sound, which I liked because I'm not a fan of Broadway musicals or the Broadway style of singing. Just not my thing. This production, at the Pantages, suffered a great deal from the vocals.  Harsh words for a musical but here's the issue. There are four lead roles: Molly, Sam, Carl and Oda Mae Brown. Three of the four vocalists did not have the vocal power required for these roles. At certain points, I literally could not hear them over either the chorus or the orchestra or both.  It could also be the audio isn't balanced right. I've had this issue with a number of musicals I've seen at various theaters. Anyway, I thought there was a decent musical there, just not the production I saw.

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