Monday, May 06, 2013

What? No Workout?

How can that be?  How can I not have a workout today?  I need my workout!  Uh oh, I've turned into one of those people.  I think I've become an...Insaniac!  Oh, dear.  So tonight, I'll do the fitness test plus the cardio ab workout.  The fitness test is supposed to be done every two weeks, so you can track your progress.  I know I will have improved since I could hardly do anything at the beginning of this adventure so that will be interesting to see.  There are still things that are beyond my capability (high jumps, anyone?) but there are also things where I know I've improved.  And the cardio ab workout is only about 15 minutes (of pure hell).  It usually done after the pure cardio workout but that is still too much for me.  For now, I'll do it as a stand-alone workout.

And after two weeks of working out, I've finally dropped a few pounds.  When I started this workout, I went up 3 lbs immediately and pretty much stayed there.  Now I've dropped those 3 lbs and lost a couple more besides.  I know it's because after the first week, I moderated what I was eating, cutting down on salt, sugar and simple carbs.  I bought some sliced turkey at the deli and some whole grain bread, so I will have turkey sandwiches this week with tomato, avocado, pickle, 1 slice of gruyere and mustard.  I'm still experimenting on how much whole grain wheat I can tolerate.  I figure I'll try once a day and if that doesn't work, maybe a couple times a week.  If that doesn't work, I'll have to cut back to what I was doing before: if I make it, it will be gluten-free.  If I go out somewhere to eat, like Tomato Pie Pizza Joint, I'll eat their wheat based dough, since they don't have gluten free and they totally rock the pizza.

Bob and I went to the Arclight Hollywood yesterday for brunch and a movie.  We saw Scatter My Ashes At Bergdorf-Goodman's.  It was an interesting and entertaining look at how the department store does what it does.  Of particular interest was the focus on how they create the window displays, especially for Christmas.  They work on those windows for months before they're installed.  I really enjoyed the movie.  But I think Bob (aka Dr. Christmas) got way too many ideas for Christmas decorating this year.  I foresee a lot of work coming up.

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