Thursday, March 08, 2012


I had lunch today with a couple of the women who work for one of our vendors plus a couple of co-workers.  It was very pleasant and one of the women I had never met before, she's on weight watchers too!  Been on it for a while and she has a lot of the points for things memorized.  A cup of rice - 6 points!  An apple - 0 points! A martini - 7 points!  It was pretty funny.  So a good time was had by all and after we left, as I was driving back to work, I had the most amazing experience.

It's about 6 miles door to door, maybe a little more and as I was driving down San Fernando Road between Burbank and Glendale, I noticed the quiet.  The whole way back, I didn't hear a car horn, a siren, loud music, shrieking brakes, loud engines, machinery, construction, helicopters, loud voices.  Nothing.  The only thing I heard was the swoosh of the traffic as cars passed each other and a train whistle off in the distance.  It's a bright sunny warm day here and I had all my windows down and all I heard was quiet.  It may not be quiet to someone who lives in the country but for a place like L. A., it was amazing.

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