Sunday, October 09, 2011


A friend sent me this email:

This story is true, it happened to Kona, a sweet yellow lab I call “the big blonde” because, well she is. Her owner, Laura is my oldest friend. I love them both. Laura emailed this link and the comments to me and after reading them I had three thoughts. First, some of these people are asshat trolls. Second, why do people say mean things in comments online? Then I thought of that quote that says, “Character is what you do when nobody is looking” and realized that even though they’re online in the big ole’ world wide web they are emotionally and morally hidden enough to make these snide comments with impunity. So what’s the new definition of “…nobody looking?” Or is it the same as always, because without some sort of moral compass or at least a social filter trolls aren’t even watching themselves? So while those of us who are able to self monitor always have our conscience, for lack of a better word, watching even when we are alone, trolls do not.

And yes, I did just add the word “asshat” to my dictionary. Every dictionary should have that word in it.


I agree, ~B, I agree. Trolls may sit back and snicker and think they got away with something, but then they feel shitty and don't understand why. It's because everyone who reads a troll's post think said troll is asswipe. Instant karma.

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